Today in the city Bonita Springs 25.07.2017
Fyre Festival Organizer Billy McFarland Released From Jail on $300,000 Bond

After spending the night at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, Fyre Media’s Billy McFarland was released today on his own recognizance and the promise of a $300,000 bond. McFarland, who wa...

AAA counts the ways behind why the roads will be crowded this July 4th holiday weekend

A growing economy and plunging energy prices are partly behind why so many drivers will hit the road for July 4.

Promoter Behind Failed Fyre Festival Arrested in NYC

The promoter behind a failed music festival in the Bahamas in April has been arrested in New York on wire fraud charge.

Bond yields are on a tear — but don’t let the move fool you

Some strategists say bond yields edging higher is not an indication that economic growth is picking up substantially.

Trump reportedly 'hell-bent' on imposing steel tariff despite objections from most advisors

Axios reports that President Donald Trump's White House is "hell-bent" on imposing tariffs.

You can bathe in wild hot springs hidden in Tuscany’s countryside

Cascate del Mulino in Saturnia is one of the most beautiful hot springs in Tuscany. The rocks have been carved by the waterfall into small pools which are perfect for bathing in, with therma...

China's opening of bond market may spark ‘massive demand’ from foreigners, HKEx CEO says

China opening up its bond market to foreign investors will eventually unleash “massive” demand, HKEx's CEO said Friday.

'No Doubt' Assad Government Behind Sarin Attack in Syria: UK's Johnson

LONDON (Reuters) - There is "absolutely no doubt" the government of Bashar al-Assad was behind the use of chemical weapons in Syria in April,...

Venezuela Is Broke, But Will Continue Paying Wall Street Bond Lords Anyway

Fitch reaffirms Venezuela's super-duper junk bond status. And says the country's commitment to servicing its debt remains in tact despite major upheaval.

'Gurren Lagann' Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary And Bandai Is Going All-Out With Some Great New Toys

As this year marks the tenth anniversary of the anime 'Gurren Lagann', Bandai is releasing some amazing new toys.

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